I Love This Time Of Year…

Why is it that some of us wait for family and friends to visit from abroad, to do things like: go to that restaurant we’ve been checking out for the last year, drive to that beach we’ve heard so much about, take the scenic route to that beautiful monastery in the mountains or visit our ancient sites that are literally on our door step?

Super Sugar Free Energy Balls

These days I’ve been experimenting with dairy and sugar free dessert and sweet snack recipes, trying to find something ‘quick and easy’. As most of you have noticed by now, I love my sweets and this recipe is one of my favorites. First because it’s so easy to make, no baking involved, second because all…

Cauliflower and Quinoa Pizza Crust

The good news is, that there are healthy alternatives for all your favourite foods. They might be slightly different in taste and texture but they will be good for you and taste delicious!
One such alternative is a wheat free, dairy free, sugar free pizza crust. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make and you can top it with your favourite toppings.

How I survived planning and executing my first event

I had never really done any public speaking and I also have stage fright, so this was a challenge for me. This was the first step to get my message across, and one day be standing on a bigger stage talking to hundreds of people, that’s the dream anyway

Spring Cleanse

Whether you fast for religious or health reasons, the journey and the result is beneficial to your body mind and soul and it’s a good alternative for those of us that can’t do extreme fasts or cleanses, for e.g. juice cleanses or water fasts etc.

Baked Falafel And Tahini

Besides being an excellent vegan and gluten-free source of protein and fiber, chickpeas also contain exceptional levels of iron, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

Bread with Zea flour

Zea is also considered a good choice for gluten sensitive people as it has a minute gluten content, which is broken down by enzymes so that it is absorbed by the body, a fact that makes it highly digestible.

Cypriot Pumpkin Pies, Village Skies and Family Ties

  Pumpkin, what a versatile winter vegetable! My recipe today is for pumpkin pies, or “kolokotes” as we call them in Cyprus. This delicious snack is a traditional Cypriot recipe and you will find different variations of it depending on people’s tastes and preferences. I decided to make the traditional recipe, and my recipe with…

Vitamin D To The Rescue

Vitamin D is rarely found in food. The richest natural sources of vitamin D are fish liver oils and saltwater fish, such as sardines, herring, salmon, and mackerel. Eggs, meat, milk, and butter also contain small amounts.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Another reason why fad diets don’t work is that they address only one aspect of weight loss: food. There are many factors that contribute to weight loss or gain. These include emotions, exercise, and more; these aren’t addressed by most diets.