Hi I’m Julie

I was born and raised in S Africa, in a Greek home
where food and sweets were abundant. My mom is a great
cook and baker and we had 3 home cooked meals every
day, which was great!

We hardly ever ate as a family though, due to my parents
work, they owned supermarkets and bakeries, and were at
work 24/7 till late at night.


I offer integrative Nutrition coaching in Limassol, Cyprus. Achieving a better, happier, more active, vibrant you by controlling your primary and secondary foods.

You’ve already reached the first stage of achieving a better, happier, more active, vibrant self. And it only took about 10 seconds – the time it took to read this sentence.

You wouldn’t be looking at this web page if you didn’t feel that things need to improve. I know what you’re thinking:

‘I need to make a new start…’ or

‘I’ve looked after everyone else, but I need to look after myself more…’

And it all seems such an uphill struggle. The daunting prospect of self-denial, going without the food and drinks you love, just to achieve some temporary weight loss or brief pique of fitness, for it all to disappear down the drain within weeks.

But here’s the good news: you already know how to make a better life for yourself, but like so many people, the tools you already possess to do so are locked away in your psychological cellar.

The key is feeding your brain and your body with the things that suit you as an individual, so that your head your heart and your gut are in synthesized in harmony.

I’m Julie Constantinou, think of me as your brain’s locksmith. Every person, just like every lock, is unique. But I can cut the key to that dusty cellar door of yours, and just as soon as your mental tools are unlocked and available, you will be eating, what’s more, enjoying the food that suits your body (and yours alone).

You’ll be exercising because it’s fun, not sticking at it like an unpleasant tedious chore. You’ll learn to love yourself, and pass on that good karma to those around you, who will be amazed by the positivity you’ve gained, the burdensome weight you’ve lost, and the cheerful healthiness you’ll exude.

How do I do this? It’s the simplest thing ever. I learned from my own experience.

I healed myself from troublesome interconnected health issues some years ago by studying a technique called Integrative Nutrition, it has allowed me to finally find my purpose, my passion, and the key to my health.

I use the dualistic concepts of Primary Food and Secondary Food. Primary food is what feeds our mind, motivation and emotion, such as relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. Secondary Food is what you eat and drink, and whether it really suits you. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s what may well be preventing your body from functioning as it should.

To unlock your unique lock, contact me for a FREE initial consultation


Food, sleep, environment, laughter, attitude.
Strategies to make your life better in every way

Primary Food

A catalyst and enabler for Secondary food to work its magic

Secondary Food

Controlling just what you put inside your gut

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