8 Essential Tips to Stay Healthy When Travelling

July 18, 2017

Eating healthily while travelling

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays!

I recently went on a last-minute trip, and boy, was I unprepared!

I’m that ‘list’ kind of person who has everything researched, worked out, planned and documented, but for this trip I hadn’t done any of those things. ‘Let’s be spontaneous’ I thought, ‘It’s a beautiful island destination, crystal clear Mediterranean beaches, good food plus I get to spend time with my daughter who happens to be working there, so what’s to plan?’

My usual routine at home includes: a green drink or lemon water in the morning and maybe some oatmeal, a light plant-based lunch & dinner and the occasional fish. Some healthy snacks in between (nuts & seeds, fruit etc.)

Not having thought about what I’m going to eat on this trip, I was going to wing it.

The first couple of days I was already not feeling well. I was eating foods I don’t usually eat, for the lack of better options, and by the end of the second day I got violently ill. I spent the night in the bathroom and the morning at the hospital; got a shot and meds; and spent the last of my remaining stay at the hotel, in bed, recovering.

I can’t say for sure what made me ill –  I suspect it was bad fish but I’m sure it was a combination of factors.

Needless to say, we still had a great time. I spent quality time with my baby girl, had a well-deserved rest and got a free ‘detox’ 🙂


  1. Plan Ahead

Know where you’re going. Scope the area. It’s always hard when you’re in a secluded area and don’t have your own transport. Make sure your hotel is close to amenities like a convenience store, bus stop, pharmacy, etc. Always check out the restaurants you’ll be dining at. Check the reviews and comments.


  1. Make a Homemade Trail Mix

Pack your choice of unsalted, raw nuts and seeds (almonds, cashews, walnuts, Brazilian, sunflower seeds etc.) and throw in a few goji berries or dried cranberries. These are packed with nutrients and you can snack on them anytime of the day. They’re also easy to carry.


  1. Pack Your Green Drink

If all else fails, at least you’ll have your greens. If you can find, individual sachets from your health store are ideal, or just take the whole package. It’s light and packs well. Boost your energy every morning with a green drink and you’re ready to go.


  1. Breakfast Hack

Breakfast is always a hard one for those who are vegan, gluten free and sugar free. My go to breakfast is oatmeal. Pack enough for each morning or buy individual organic sachets of instant oat meal, and all you need is boiling water (and in my case some honey :-))


  1. Healthy Snacks

Always have your favourite healthy snack bars handy. They can be a life saver. As for other snacks, I recommend buying some local fruit and veg that you can keep in your room and for the non-vegans, plain Greek yogurt is always a great addition.


  1. Pack Your Supplements

For those of you who take supplements, take them with you! You can find special supplement baggies that have individual slots for each day. Yes, you’re on holiday but now more than ever your body needs its supplement boost. You’ll be sleeping less, partying more, so don’t neglect your body.


  1. Don’t OVER Indulge

It’s so easy to over eat when you’re on holiday and it’s ok to have something extra here and there, but try to stick to your normal diet as much as possible to avoid any stomach or gut issues.


  1. Drink More Water

You’ll be doing a lot more activities when on holiday. Depending where you’re travelling to, weather and level of outdoor activities, always be mindful to hydrate. Remember the best form of hydration is plain water, and stick to bottled spring water.

Apart from eating healthy, take loads of sunblock, a hat and comfortable shoes!

Safe & healthy travels!

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