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An imbalanced body usually causes literally dozens of interconnected health issues to present, whilst at the same time engendering a negative outlook. The overall result of this is people, especially those in their late thirties and way beyond, falsely believe themselves to be ‘getting old’.

I use the concept of Integrative Nutrition to turn the clock back on many of these issues. It’s often the multiple pressures of looking after other people, work commitments, constant e-mail, too much social media, and general modern life malaise that causes people not to have time for themselves.

Crucially, that lack of time to care for yourself means that people are eating the things that simply don’t suit them, nor do they find time to exercise, even if that’s just a brisk walk every day..

Counselling sessions that advise, encourage, support and enable people to listen to their bodies. It works!

Each session will last about 50 minutes, around twice per month, either by Skype or in person.

First, you can have a FREE INITIAL consultation, with no obligation, to see if my strategy seems right for you. I will ask relevant questions
about the concept of what I call your Primary Food; those things that shape your personality, such as your current place in the world regar
ding relationships, outlook, career and spirituality.

Next, we assess your level of physical activity, and its nature. Do you get exercise from walking and / or cycling or it might be swimming or gymnasium based? It’s all relevant to the holistic strategy that I employ.

Last but definitely not least, we explore your intake of Secondary Food; basically, what you tend to eat and drink.

All these concepts are inherently and directly connected. Only by achieving a balance between mental and physical health, very much helped by eating what is right for YOU, can you ever become truly in harmony with yourself. This is the key to long term health and happiness.

You can achieve this from my sessions by freely sharing anything that’s on your mind in a safe space with no judgement.

Handouts, homework and taking responsibility for yourself YOUR way…

The good news is that I don’t advocate a specific diet. We are all bio-individual.Generalist ‘fad’ diets in themselves usually don’t work. In
fact, they create obstacles because success is almost never achieved, so people stop trying to improve. We will assess the Secondary
Foods that suit you, according to your current issues and perhaps symptoms.

It’s all about balance, and sometimes we just need someone to listen to us, be supportive but also hold us accountable.

My program isn’t just a ‘fix and forget’ strategy. You will receive handouts specific to your goals and needs and have regular email support
between sessions, think of it as homework between lessons! But it’s not hard work, because, deep down, we all know what is good or bad
for us and I probably won’t be telling you anything you don’t know already. You will learn to listen to your body and the process will
become effortless.

The positive changes you’ll make with your food and your outlook on the world will translate into positive changes in your life!

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